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Consumer Redeem Imported Voucher

Marks an imported voucher as redeemed by the consumer of that imported voucher for UI purposes.  This is not the same as the imported voucher being officially redeemed by the merchant.

Method: PUT /api/v3/publisher/consumer/{userKey}/redeemimportedvoucher/{importedVoucherId}

Authentication: oauth

userKey - the user key of the consumer marking a voucher as redeemed.
importedVoucherId - the id of the imported voucher (see get imported vouchers)

Required Form Name Data Type Explanation
ConsumerMarkedRedeemed bool Whether to mark the imported voucher as redeemed or unredeemed by the consumer.

base response fields - if success is true, the imported voucher was successfully marked as redeemed or unredeemed.

Sample Request:

PUT http://api.groupcommerce.com/api/v3/publisher/consumer/3c651ac9e6054d72b9b938f782790c8c/redeemimportedvoucher/64

Form: ConsumerMarkedRedeemed=True

Authorization: OAuth oauth_signature="OhBTxg19HfT7vxNxTbX6wE6APsA%3d", oauth_nonce="7918197", oauth_timestamp="1328291140", oauth_consumer_key="eeb6b959-b854-4ad1-b563-e801c83cf81d", oauth_signature_method="HMAC-SHA1", oauth_version="1.0"

Sample JSON Response:

    "errors": [],
    "lastPublished": "/Date(1328291230619)/",
    "success": true,
    "version": "3"

Sample XML Response:

<consumerRedeemImportedVoucherResponse xmlns:i="http://www.w3.org/2001/XMLSchema-instance">
  <errors />