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Data structure holding a segment.


  active - Determines whether this segment is active.
  description - The description associated with the segment.
  externalRefId - An external identifier for the segment (defined by the publisher).
  facebookUrl - The facebook Url defined for the segment.
  key - Will contain the key name for the segment.  This is the value to be used on all <segmentKey> requires
  latitude - The longitude entered for the segment location.
  longitude - The latitude entered for the segment location.
  name - Will contain the name of the segment.
  notes - Any notes associated with the segment
  timezone - The timezone id.
  twitterUrl - The twitter Url defined for the segment.
  viewOrder - The order the segments should appear in.

Sample XML Response:

    <description i:nil="true"/>
    <name>All Cities</name>
    <notes i:nil="true"/>
    <timezone>Central Standard Time</timezone>

Sample JSON Response:
    "segment" : {
        "active": true,
        "description": null,
        "facebookUrl": "http:\/\/www.facebook.com\/DailyCandy",
        "key": "all-cities",
        "latitude": 0,
        "longitude": 0,
        "name": "All Cities",
        "notes": null,
        "timezone": "Central Standard Time",
        "twitterUrl": "http:\/\/www.twitter.com\/DailyCandy",
        "viewOrder": 0