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Order Detail

Will include the details about a previous order.

  firstName - The first name for the purchase.
  isGift - Bool value whether this purchase is a gift.
  lastName - The last name for the purchase.
  price - The price paid for the purchase.
  quantity - The number of items purchased.
  vouchers - The list of vouchers if they have been generated.

Sample XML Response:
    <lastName i:nil="true"/>
            <redemptionUrl i:nil="true"/>

Sample JSON Response:
    "firstName": "noah",
    "isGift": false,
    "lastName": "blumenthal",
    "price": 40,
    "quantity": 1,
    "vouchers": [
            "redemptionUrl": null,
            "voucherUrl": "http://rewards.staging.thrillist.com/voucher?SecretKey=jH0YtKWDhL6AJhqeT0qLibbrgbkal%2fHs&Code=P-1027-266-FFE"