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Will include the information about an order.

  amount - The amount the order was for
  expirationDate - The date the vouchers will expire.
  headline - The Headline from the offer.
  merchantName - The name of the merchant.
  offerId - The offer id of the offer that was purchased.
  offerOptionId - The specific option id that was purchased.
  optionTitle - The title from the specific option purchased.
  orderDate - The date the order was made.
  orderId - The OrderId for the order.
  orderDetails - Contains a list of Order Detail.
  segmentKey - The segment key of the segment the offer is for
  status - The status of the order {Processing, Completed, ChargeFailed, Refunded, ContactSupport}
  subtitle - The subtitle from the offer.

Sample XML Response:
    <headline>Haircut Concierge from Frank’s Chop Shop</headline>
    <merchantName>Frank's Chop Shop</merchantName>
    <optionTitle>Haircut Concierge from Frank’s Chop Shop</optionTitle>
                    <redemptionUrl i:nil="true"/>
            <lastName i:nil="true"/>
                    <redemptionUrl i:nil="true"/>
    <subtitle>Half-off Cuts, free scotch &amp; a table reservation at Milk and Honey</subtitle>

Sample JSON Response:
    "amount": 40,
    "expirationDate": "/Date(1405815600000-0400)/",
    "headline": "40% Off Dinner and a Movie",
    "merchantName": "TL Admin Test Company",
    "offerId": 1027,
    "offerOptionId": 265,
    "optionTitle": "40% Off Dinner and a Movie",
    "orderDate": "/Date(1299120610000-0500)/",
    "orderDetails": [
            "firstName": "noah",
            "isGift": false,
            "lastName": "blumenthal",
            "price": 40,
            "quantity": 1,
            "vouchers": [
                    "redemptionUrl": null,
                    "voucherUrl": "http://rewards.staging.thrillist.com/voucher?SecretKey=jH0YtKWDhL6AJhqeT0qLibbrgbkal%2fHs&Code=P-1027-266-FFE"
    "orderId": 3461,
    "segmentKey": "ny",
    "status" : "Completed",
    "subtitle": "This is the subtitle"