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Offer Image

Holds information about an image associated with an offer.

 url - A fully qualified url to the remote image.
 size - A string in the format {width}x{height}  eg "100x200"
 caption - The caption associated with the image.
 isOfferImage - If the image is part of the main deal images.
 displayOrder - The display order for the image.  Usefully for slideshows.
 tags - A list of tags associated with the image

Sample XML Response:

Sample JSON Response:
    "image" : {
        "url": "http:\/\/gcs-dev.s3.amazonaws.com\/shared\/images\/deals\/94\/159\/haru-main-620.jpg",
        "size": "620x270",
        "tags": [
        "isOfferImage": true,
        "displayOrder": 1